When results are all that matters!
When results are all that matters!

  System Development Life Cycle [SDLC]

Any organisation that chooses to invest in Information Technology knows only too well how quickly that investment can turn into a "sunk" expense. If proper SDLC practices are followed, you will significantly enhance your chances of success. "How many IT Projects start with no plan and end in disaster?" It is not unlike trying to construct an intricate building without the aid of a "blueprint."  If you have a plan that needs to be reviewed by an "independent" third-party, why not send it to us via e-mail and we will give you a quick critique.

  IT Audit

It may not be all bad however. If you are very pleased with the current IT infrastructure within your organisation and would like to ensure that it stays that way, it would serve you well to conduct an audit or implement continuous assessment programs. We can help! Any way that you look at it, a "fresh eye" always reveals new information. We specialise in conducting IT audits. Make sure and have an Information Systems Plan and also a Disaster Recovery Plan (If your computer is stolen or totally fails, can you continue operations?).  Remember that disasters like fires, water damage, earthquakes, cyber crime etc. can be planned for!

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Bit By Bit is a Business Technology Consulting firm operating throughout the Caribbean and based in Trinidad & Tobago. Bit By Bit has special expertise in IT within the Caribbean. We have over 30 years of experience from Information Systems Planning to Information Systems Auditing. IT Projects, either established or developmental can be very complex.  The more experience and "know how" that can be brought to the task, the greater the chance of complete success.  Make the right choices at the right time!  Invest your money, don't spend it; competence, confidentiality and security are what we sell.