Our People


We work with a team of professionals on any given project, depending on the expertise required.  Our organisation is anchored by Pradeep Latchman, whose academic qualifications are in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems from the University of Miami, in Coral Gables, Florida, USA. This formal education is enhanced by practical experience of over 30 years in Information Technology from North America to South America, encompassing the Caribbean.  He has worked in several types of industries and for some of the major conglomerates and banks in the Caribbean.  Early on in Systems Analysis and Programming and then later in Auditing, Training and Consultancy.  Pradeep's approach is embodied in practical rather than theoretical solutions, having benefited from seeing "first hand" how systems vary depending on location, staffing and support.  A solution that works for one company may not be suitable for another although the business may be the same. 

Solutions are about "real world" not theory!  Due to the uniqueness of a culture or the realities of physical infrastructure, one has to be mindful about what will actually work in practise.  Some of the best solutions just would not work in some environments.  Let us identify the "real problem" and then formulate a solution.  What you do now will have to serve you for at least 3-5 years, "Our People Centred Approach" will make the difference!  Contact and dialog is always welcomed, so feel free to do so at your convenience.

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