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Port of Spain, Trinidad

It is fast becoming apparent that attempting to "computerise" any organisation without careful planning is going to lead right to the conclusion that "computers are really a waste of time and money!"  It does not have to be so, not if you carefully plan your system first. 

This is where we come in.  Anyone can purchase computer hardware and software and I am sure that you can even go as far as setting up the network etc..  What is your area of business and what is your specialty?  Unless it is Information Technology, you are probably not going to know all of the considerations and factors to adequately choose the right hardware and software.  The guy in the store might help, but he is just concerned with getting a sale?  Getting the most out of your investment dollar is essential to achieving business success.  We have done all of this before and know what to do and what not to do.  Most computer systems never achieve their maximum potential because they were not properly designed and the people using it were not adequately trained.  Let us make sure that your business will benefit from your planned or current investment.  Remember that what works for someone somewhere else may not work for you.

What about the increase in cyber crime over the last few years?  Are you prepared for internal and external attacks?  Can someone delete all of your files, steal information and otherwise cause you and your business untold hardships?  How prepared are you for this type of threat?  Most security breaches occur within your organisation itself, not only from external sources.  Before you let any IT Technician/Service personnel work on your systems, remember that passwords etc. are easily accessed, so be very cautious if someone is too eager or cheap; it will cost you in the long run.

Because of our experience with various systems, dating back to 1986; there are a wide variety of services that we perform.  Just a quick visit (physically or remotely over the internet) to your company can reveal many facets of your computerisation that can lead to improvements.  We have increased our "Remote IT Support" service and can now offer very competitive rates for all types of PC Support worldwide.

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