Customised Training

Over 30 years of "on the job" real work experience gives us the ability to fully appreciate and understand your needs.  Many of you would have attended a course, but because of its general nature you would have areas that were never covered or were skimmed over too quickly.  Whatever "shortfalls" you may have can be addressed by a "one on one" customised training program.  Maybe all that you need is 1 hr. or maybe you need a little more.......we can fulfill your need to learn and understand!  Performance and efficiency is what it's all about.  Why function at anything less than 100%?  Contact us to find out more about us helping you to achieve more.

Microsoft Applications
Many Microsoft Applications give you such an array of features and capabilities that it confounds the mind.  Let us show you how to utilise your Microsoft Application fully.
Accounting Applications
There are numerous accounting applications in use out there.  Unfortunately our way of doing accounts may not be quite the same as the U.S.A. version.  Whether it is Sage, Quickbooks or some other program, we can work with you to make sure that you understand what you are doing.  Maybe start with a FREE package and then decide?
Administrative Training
How exactly should I order my electronic files in relation to my manual files?  Am I really getting the most out of my calendar?  Is my boss getting access to all of the necessary files when travelling?  Let us show you how to shine by using common software tools and the internet more effectively.
Special Projects
Just got a new application installed in your company?  Not quite sure if you are using it correctly?  Let us help!

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