Office Automation

Office Automation encompasses many things.  It is normally predicated on the installation of devices on your network that allows you to control them over the internet.  There are many ways to do this, and companies offer a variety of options, all designed to make your business "smart."


Internet Streaming TV +

Cable cutters are everywhere.  Get a fast broadband internet connection and you are ready to stream content from your computing device to your TV.  There are also a bunch of streaming sticks and pucks that offer varying degrees of ease of use and content.  The choices are immense and changing constantly.  As part of the experience outside of the USA, you'll need a service to "unblock" country limitations.  Many services are available, this is just one of them: Unblock-US.


IP Camera Security

There are numerous CCTV Systems out there, some analog, some digital.  We supply/install IP Based Systems that works through your network and the internet.  All cameras can be accessed from anywhere in the world and store images both locally and remotely.  Systems have very good picture quality and sound.  You can start with one camera and grow into several.  Systems are affordable enough for home use and can be installed in various locations for several uses.  All systems can be serviced remotely and you can either "do it yourself" or we can install.

We can provide you with a solution anywhere in the world!  A high speed internet connection is desirable, but not necessary.  Systems are both wired and wireless.

In keeping with our consulting methodology, we do not recommend any particular brand or vendor, but after an objective analysis, recommend the most appropriate solution for your needs.  We guarantee the utmost discretion and privacy; choose your installer carefully as they have access to your system.

There are several innovations taking place, one of the most exciting being a NVR (Network Video Recorder) that now eliminates the need for a computer.  You can start simply with 1 camera and a NVR and move up as your needs demand.  Intelligent IP Cameras have built in web servers, so you can even use it "standalone" with images or video being uploaded to our secure servers for later viewing anywhere/anytime.

We are now offering remote IP cameras "in the middle of nowhere" for live viewing over the internet.  Contact us for further information.  Please fill out this form if you require further information (fees may apply to site visits).



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