1. What will I be getting for the US$20/yr.? 

You will get a starter website (which is suitable for 99% of businesses that want people to know a little about them). You can view a sample here

2. Will I have to do anything myself? 

You have to provide us with the content (text and images) and we will format and do all the necessary things for you. 

3. What if I want to make changes? 

We will make all content and image changes for you FREE of charge (change an item or price), if more complex site changes become necessary, there will be a small fee. 

4. What will my web address look like?

It will be ""

5. What if I want my own name like ""?

We will register the name once available and your site will be accessed by that name.  It will cost an additional US$20/yr..

6. What if I want to make changes myself and have more control of my website?

We will setup your website on your own server which you can access with your own username and password, and make all the changes yourself.  That typically costs about US$200/yr..

7. Are there any other options?

We have covered most of them here, but the internet is dynamic and there are always new developments.  We can always chat about your specific needs.

8. Why should I pay at all?  I can go ahead and setup my own website on a free service.

That is true, typically it looks a lot less professional and has ads that you cannot control.  As with anything, there are positives and negatives.  You decide if you want to concentrate on making money at what you are good at, or spending that time elsewhere.

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