What's the purpose of this site?

There are numerous search engines etc. that will assist you to find just about anything on the internet, but that's the key, it MUST be listed on the internet for you to find it.  That is where we come in.  Most businesses that exist in the physical world do not exist in the virtual or online world, and there is a very good reason for that.  COST!  That is where we come in.  We will make sure that your business has a basic listing on the internet and can be found 24/7 for US$20 per yr..

What is a basic listing?

A basic listing is not as basic as you think.  Design the best flier that you can and give it to us and that flier will be viewable at a specific web address for the world to see.  That flier can be as colorful and information packed as you wish.  If you do not have a flier, we can place the information, including 5 photos (that you supply) on a page for you.

What if I want something more?

The sky is the limit, but we do know that smaller businesses, tradesmen and vendors value intimacy and cost savings, so if you need a little more, even your own website, we can help.

Is this service limited to one geographic region?

Yes, listings are limited to Trinidad & Tobago. Payment can be made online or in person and all files can be sent to us electronically or via the postal service.

I am not a business owner, I am just looking for something, what is the use of this site?

This site will become more and more useful with your help.  I am sure that when you do find someone through your searches, you may well find yourself asking the owner why they were not listed on the internet.  That is when you will tell them about our site and how they should at least get a listing here.  


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